Monday, January 16, 2006

|| was a different bug that bit me ||

i was THIS close to deleting my entire blog. i was waiting for the blog bug to bite me. and when it didn't, i thought maybe i should just say goodbye to blogging altogether.

but here i am again. :)

to everyone who's been asking, you don't have to worry -- i am doing ok great.

i have a couple of entries sitting in my draft box:
:: my birthday entry (a different kind of celebration)
:: my holiday entry (spending Christmas with him)
:: a poem (not about love)
:: a letter (to myself)

...all unfinished. and honestly, i think they will remain that way. i have no plans of finishing those entries.

a few months ago i answered a survey (taken from cher's friendster bulletin).
one of the questions was:
Are you in love at the moment?

and my answer was:
*** "in like"

now, allow me to answer the question again:

Are you in love at the moment?
*** in a heartbeat -- YES. :)

so yeah, the blog bug didn't bite me -- the love bug did.

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