Friday, November 26, 2004

i should have known better.

tama, ang lalake tanga. ang babae, tanga by choice.

if you're trying to beat me in my own game, think again. you may have just met your match.

watch out.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

sweet november

november went by so fast. this month gave my social life more vigor.

my most recent gimmick was an out of town trip that i almost had to pass up. people were actually stopping us from leaving. why? our destination was Baguio City. :D

oh don't fret, the use of the term "outbreak" was definitely an exaggeration. as you may have heard by now, there was no outbreak of meningococcemia in Baguio.

yes, we all came back to Manila in perfect health. for a while we had to lie to some people at work that we didn't go to Baguio, doing this gave us an excuse not to buy them pasalubongs. hehe.

for this weekend, i planned to go to the beach (Galera or Batangas), but our salary won't be in until next tuesday (darn!) and i don't want to spend the cash that's left with me. i need to save up, save up and save up! a birthday dinner is happening in a few weeks. *wink*

some of the pictures taken this month:

team dinner at Moksha -- one of the best places to eat in the metro!

hmmm..i'm the only straight person in this picture. haha!

same faces, only this time i was getting cold

pachuchay and jarjar

at pearl drive parking lot

starbucks in baguio

at gerry's sm baguio with dude

with dude's super hyper and smart niece, rinoa

i fell in love with this kid immediately! she's such a darling!

home sweet home

can you see our slim christmas tree? hehe. my mom threw away the old bulky one. :/

Thursday, November 18, 2004

"what you have to remember in this damn life is that you have a choice."

maybe you should have also told me that it's never easy. making a choice is not just about what i want. being selfish is something i was never good at. thinking about what you want or need would always come to surface.

making a decision embraces everyone and everything i care about.

is that so bad? :/

Saturday, November 13, 2004

... and a partridge in a pear tree

for the first time since i became single, i am actually looking forward to the holiday season.

everyone knows what Christmas does to single people like me. it's something that we dread.

the past 3 years saw me wanting to skip christmas. i am still alone now, but am no longer lonely. maybe it's because i am preoccupied with a lot of things: work, school, social life, plans of vacationing and even working abroad, and oh yeah, dating. okay, let's include flirting on the list. :)

but whatever the reason is behind my reformed attitude, i am simply thankful. i now have the eagerness of a child: all giddy and worry free during this time of the year.

sulking just because you're alone during the holidays is an absolute waste of time. it's Jesus' birthday for heaven's sake! we should celebrate it.

my only wish is that all single people be in the same happy disposition that i'm in right now.

i conquered my fear after all. i no longer cringe at the thought of Christmas. and i hope this will last.

next: overcoming the fear of Valentine season :P

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

i don't like having regrets in life. i always make it a point to stand firm in the decisions i make.

but right now, there is something i desperately want to delete from my history.
and if you ask me if i would want to take it back, my answer would be an astounding

i would take it back. in a heart beat.

oh God. i don't know what got into me. i am soo out of it. *sigh*

what makes my situation worse is that i can't do anything about it. nothing. zilch.

ugh, somebody shoot me please. :|

Monday, November 08, 2004

hindi na kita madalas isipin
minsan nalang

tuwing araw at gabi

-- Hindi Na
by The Company

once again, i am deeply moved by a song from this fantastic OPM group. the other one is "Paki Sabi Na Lang" -- but my story for this song goes way back when i was still in college. hmmm...maybe i should blog about it one of these days...


i am making progress with the guy. i wish i can say all the juicy details here. but i wanna leave that between just him and me. *wink wink*

this thing i have going on is really helping me as far as self-discovery is concerned.

i'm delighted to find out that i can be a big flirt if i wanted to. haha!


geeze...i just realized that i posted -- number one: something emotional and two: something superficial (or sexual?) in one entry.

ano ba talaga mood ko ngayon?

Saturday, November 06, 2004

hoity toity

someone's making me smile.

and flirting has a lot to do with it. ;)

perhaps what makes it more exciting is that no one knows that i'm into him. people see us as friends. good friends. everything platonic. and unless you're a very good observant, you can't tell who i'm eyeing ;)

YES. flirting is indeed healthy. and i'm beginning to believe that it's an activity that is second nature to sagittarians like me. hey, we're not a fire sign for nothing. ;) but i am what you can call a subtle flirt. harmless flirt even.

i remember a few weeks back, i texted Twin at a time that i was feeling low:
"do you really need someone to get over someone?"

her reply was leaning to a 'yes'. and although my current object of affection -- or flirtation -- is not exactly a 'someone', at least he makes me smile. and i have reaffirmed my belief that i haven't lost my touch. :P hmmm...may appeal pa naman pala ako. hayaan nyo na ko sa ganung paniniwala. :D


second sem na!!! na-stress na naman ako sa enrollment. :|

am excited for Master Lee. she's now taking up her M.A. too. :D

i'm really bent on finishing my M.A.
i hope nothing will hinder me from achieving this.

i miss teaching. *sigh*


pictures ulet! :D

at last weekend's party

macromedia peeps

sila ulet; doing what they do best -- inuman! woohoo!

recent sunday movie group at GB3. i love this pic. parang pang commercial ng mcdo :)

at Kitchen GB3. virginal pose daw yan ni bes. :D