Saturday, February 26, 2005

i wish i could make myself fall out of love. right this moment.

but i can't. at least i can't hasten the process. i have to let it happen naturally.


...just like the way i fell in love with you.


Friday, February 25, 2005

life is good. i shouldn't complain. i must remember that i have more than enough and i shouldn't be taking things for granted.


my last team building

i spent the weekend in batangas with my teammates for our team building. US holidays can do us good. it was another long weekend for us. :)

this team building is particulary special for me. it's the first team building for the year...and my very last team building with my account. :/

getting ready to leave for batangas

uberclyde was my "bus seatmate" in my very first team bldg 3 yrs ago. and now he's my seatmate again in my last team bldg. aaaww...

i'll miss you Orange. especially your pang aasar. :)

we're finally in batangas!

chow time

playing the "heads and tails" game. almost everyone got bruised and wounded in this game. but it was all worth it. ang saya2 :D

baby bottle beer drinking contest. and who did they choose as contestants? 3 girls who don't love beer. puro coffee drinkers ang sinali sa contest. haha!

life guard wannabe. guess who :P

heaven :)

heaven :)

heaven :)

heaven :) this beach trip was a good break for me. :) saraaaaaap!


Friday, February 18, 2005

a life being towed away

over and done with it.

i'm referring to the occasion that hallmark invented: V day. ;)

i ended up cancelling my friendly (naks) date due to a very disturbing situation: car engine trouble.

and it didn't end that day. the following morning, on my way home, the car was still behaving badly and it had to be towed.

waiting for the tow service and for my brother to pick me up took a long time. long enough for me to feel sorry for myself and my car. i found myself crying. and it wasn't just because i was my week wasn't starting off right.

that day, i was slowly losing the bond i had with a good friend. i could be wrong. or at least that person said i was wrong. but my gut feeling is stronger.

i have never felt so distressed. and watching my car being towed made me feel worse and made me think this way: "that's my life...and they're towing it away." pathetic.

fast forward to today: i'm doing better. power of prayer really helps. and there's something that's really making me smile. :D thank you. you know who you are ;)


Saturday, February 12, 2005

eeewww...valentine's day na sa monday. eeew eeew eeew!

i am so preoccupied with work and school projects that the only time i am reminded of feb. 14 is when i peek into my planner -- which is like everyday. ugh! why did starbucks have to make it an important day. why?! why?! why?!

pano naman mga losers katulad ko? potah naman eh!

i was supposed to join a friend to boracay next week. but training schedules at work prevented us from taking any VL's.

capital L, lower case o-s-e-r!!! haaaaaaayyy!!!

so what's in store for me on feb. 14? application exams, interviews, and research papers!

if you greet me happy valentine's day on monday, galit na galit na tayo ha!

ipaalala ba? haha!


Friday, February 11, 2005

when the moment feels right

on the day that i submitted my resignation letter to my manager, i got a call from HR that same day. HR scheduled me for an interview for a position that God knows how much i want. it was for the same position i applied and got accepted to more than a year ago. salary issues got in the way and i never got to transfer. now i'm given the chance to reapply and i have to go through all the processes again -- and more. now there'll be 2 interviews, 2 exams and 1 demo. :| so help me god. *gulp*

if i get lucky, i may not be leaving the company for good...but i am definitely leaving my team/account. :(

i had a good talk with my manager about my resignation. i stated my reasons for leaving. and being the intuitive woman that she is, she told me flat out "i think there's something else you're not telling me". i broke into tears. i told her everything. and she concluded with this statement, "i understand. that's your weakness. and if that's what making you want to leave, then it's enough good reason for me to allow you to resign."

although the upper management has been telling us (especially me) that we should stay because of very obvious opportunities that will come our way this year, i still want to leave. i've been told that patience reaps rewards. but frankly, leaving the team at this time is something which feels so right. fine, so i don't have a new job as a fall back. but we take risks every now and then, right? and this is one of the risks i'm taking.

wish me luck and pray for me. i need all the help i can get. :)


Monday, February 07, 2005

note to thy self: give everything. expect nothing.

and i mean nothing.

that's one way to avoid getting hurt.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

kababawan lang...

a recent phone conversation with HC.

HC: so was there anything special that happened? anything!?!??! (desperately seeking for an answer)

me: erm....nope. nothing.

HC: ok.

after 5 mins of chit chat -- on a totally different topic, he blurts:
HC: so you don't remember that we kissed?

me: whaaaaaattt????

HC: yeah. we did.

me: oh. (totally embarrassed) really...

HC: yup.

me: uhm....(tangina wla akong masabi!!!)

HC: couldn't remember, could you?

me: well no. but now that you've mentioned it. i wanna know...was it a smack kind of know...(i can't believe i'm asking this question!!!)

HC: it wasn't just a smack. it was a long one.

me: ooh....(wow. looong one. translation: french kiss. but i can't believe that i couldn't remember it!) hmmm...can't really remember. it was a long time ago anyway.

HC: do you wanna relive that experience? (i could almost see him smiling)

me: haha! you're kidding.

HC: (suddenly went silent) am serious.

me: (totally caught off guard) aaah....uhm....(ang ms. explain natameme!)

HC: don't have to answer the question.

me: hmm...i don't remember that incident...but there's one i remember.

HC: really? what's that?

me: one time you were giving me a beso as i was leaving our friend's place, and your lips landed on mine.

HC: uuy. kinilig ako dun ah.

me: hehe. but that was supposedly JUST a beso. so it was just a smack. saglit lang un.

HC: sound disappointed. do you wish it could have been longer?

me: *chuckles* and mumbles something

HC: was that a yes?

me: *smiles* (my gaaaawwwd!!!!)

HC: so that's a yes. i'll remember you said yes. so don't slap my face if i kiss you the next time we see each other. you're lucky we're just on the phone right now.

me: fiiiine. (not complaining here. hihi.)

at naalala ko kung bat kita naging crush nun. hehe.

and so we talked for 3 hours. we never talk less than 3 hours on the phone.
this guy just never bores me. and he has a kick ass sense of humor too. =) a total turn on for me. ;)

...mababaw. but our conversation absolutely gave me a wonderful glow. yihee!!!