Tuesday, January 31, 2006

|| dreariness: tantrum without energy ||

despite being on sugar high, i can still:

1) fall asleep (oh my friends from AP can attest to this. kahit nasa gimikan, nakakatulog ako), and

2) feel low spirited (some people can effortless ruin your mood)

...and both happened to me yesterday.

i don't know which is worse -- starting the day with someone frustrating you or ending the day with someone hurting you.

either way, your entire day is wasted.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

|| -f-r-a-g-m-e-n-t-s- ||
ver. 5

you've gotten your big dream. now what?
-- you dream for something bigger.

i am constantly humming that strange harmony of being content with what i have and still wanting to achieve something grander.

sometimes i find the greatest comfort in the unknown and unresolved.
no answers. no definitions. no details.
just a big WHY question left hanging...

and THIS brings out the best and worst in me.

the wonderful thing about making big mistakes is making great comebacks.

women were created for a lot of things -- supressing their emotions is not one of them.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

|| while ||

three winks

an unforeseen awakening

silently stalking
tangible yet elusive

let me drown
in this moment so pure


let me dance
to the music only i can hear


obsession to what i can hold
just for now

until i lose it again
in three winks

-- jarjar.10.04.05 --

Monday, January 16, 2006

|| ...it was a different bug that bit me ||

i was THIS close to deleting my entire blog. i was waiting for the blog bug to bite me. and when it didn't, i thought maybe i should just say goodbye to blogging altogether.

but here i am again. :)

to everyone who's been asking, you don't have to worry -- i am doing ok great.

i have a couple of entries sitting in my draft box:
:: my birthday entry (a different kind of celebration)
:: my holiday entry (spending Christmas with him)
:: a poem (not about love)
:: a letter (to myself)

...all unfinished. and honestly, i think they will remain that way. i have no plans of finishing those entries.

a few months ago i answered a survey (taken from cher's friendster bulletin).
one of the questions was:
Are you in love at the moment?

and my answer was:
*** "in like"

now, allow me to answer the question again:

Are you in love at the moment?
*** in a heartbeat -- YES. :)

so yeah, the blog bug didn't bite me -- the love bug did.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

and the journey continues...

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may your new year's day happiness linger throughout the year.
have a spectacular 2006!