Sunday, May 29, 2005

jarjar is back in business

see? i knew it. i have a shot in becoming an events organizer. :P

i got myself a temporary job -- im working my ass off for a major company launch. i didn't realize how big the event was until i saw the guest list. whoa!!! vip kung vip!!! hello gma!

yes, i get stressed out once in a while, but what the heck. i'd rather work than be idle. after all, THIS is what i wanted. work work work!

Skyechill, thanks for referring me to mader. :) i missed working with her. hehe.


so help me God

i am THIS close to achieving goal #3 in my life. not that i actually have a list. :P

i need your prayers guys. thank you. *hugs*


sweet sixteen

16 pictures from the most recent MM party. ngayon lang ako sinipag mag post ng pics eh. :)

Image hosted by
getting warmed up

Image hosted by
ayan. we warmed up fast. kulitan na!

Image hosted by
beauties and the best

Image hosted by
jarjar and the management peeps. ayus.

Image hosted by
this was a party for the newbies, but i'm posting pics of oldies lang. bait ko noh.

Image hosted by
parang ang saya2 namen dto noh

Image hosted by
2 girls and 2 lesbians. kung d nyo kilala, hulaan nyo!
and wondering why there are eggplants?

Image hosted by
the eggplants served a purpose. mahirap na nga ung game, mabigat pa ung eggplant!

Image hosted by
wa-poise etong game na to. pero enjoy talaga.

Image hosted by
jhon may picture ka dto ha :)

Image hosted by
joie in her first ever alcohol free party. nde na talaga sya uminom!

Image hosted by
at humabol si jik sa party

Image hosted by
twin, dahil wla kang time mag blog, ppost ko pics na kasama ka

Image hosted by
ayan isa pa :)

Image hosted by
low batt na. pauwi na eh

Image hosted by
thet, is that your arm? outstretched kung outstretched!

there were a lot of mahalay games at the party. pero may kulang...body shots!!!

guys, next time ah! ;)


Friday, May 27, 2005

you have to spell it out for them

i've been trying hard to get her attention but she's not very responsive. kahit lambingin ko, wla pa ren.

haha! pare, she's no longer into you.


she's over you.

di nga?

men are so naive. either that, or it's because their ego are so fragile.

and poor women have to deal with both.

it's tough. most of them don't appreciate my being frank.


Monday, May 23, 2005

bring it on

quiet. stress free. worry free. simply relaxing.

things are going pretty well. nothing major troubling me. but i'm sure as hell that this isn't gonna last.

it's like i'm just waiting for the next unfortunate event.

i am holding my breath until that day comes. and when it does, i would gladly welcome the challenge.


Thursday, May 19, 2005

"ikaw yung tipong sinasamba at pinapakasalan."

not quite.

ako yung sinasaktan at iniiwanan.


Wednesday, May 18, 2005

weekend report

i ended up sulking last friday night. both of my plans didn't push through. my friends had to cancel at the last minute.

i think im gonna start believing that friday the 13th is doomed.


Master Lee's birthday

saturday was better -- or, at least until OC and i got lost on our way home from the party. we reached the province of angono??!?!? i'm not sure where (kse nga naligaw kme eh :P). OC woke me up from my sleep and told me that we had a problem. when i saw that there were no buildings anywhere, all i could say to him was "we're lost". we were surrounded by mountains.

eventually, we got back on track. seeing the sign "welcome to antipolo city" gave me soooo much relief.

we left the party around 4:30am, it was still dark. i got home almost 2 hours later. and the sun has already risen. :)

i can't remember all the drinks i've tried at the party. but they were all good. sooo good! i didn't get drunk by the way. but i wanted to -- just for the experience. :) there's another party this saturday...hehe...

the pictures:

Image hosted by
pink was the color of the night

Image hosted by
was this photo taken before or after Joie harassed me? haha! mahirap kang malasing neighbor!

Image hosted by
alin alin ang naiba. labyu Uberclyde!

Image hosted by
hello Cay! :) seeing you at the party was really a wonderful surprise

Image hosted by
with dive instructor rey k -- and he's a potential fire dance instructor too :P

Image hosted by
mawawala ba to? me and Twin's nth picture with this pose. :P


a proud ate

i watched my sister's piano recital last sunday. the event inspired me to play the piano again. :)

justine received first honors award. mana sa ate? ;)

Image hosted by
that's her

Image hosted by
we also have a signature shot ;)

Image hosted by
goofing around


Friday, May 13, 2005

it was never really about me

i gotta have to stop worrying about other people too much. half the time i am blaming myself that i haven't done all i could as a friend. it makes me guilty. even if i don't have anything to do with their misfortunes, i start to think that i am partly at fault. i let the stupid idea nibble at the edges of my mind.

this is crazy. i can only do so much to help them. Martyr must have been my middle name in my past life.

i can be sickeningly optimistic and be a worry wart at the same time. a dichotomy of sorts.


after posting the entry above, i looked at the date.
friday the 13th pala ngayon.

let's see if something freaky happens today :P


Saturday, May 07, 2005

a different kind of name game

if you could say his name without feeling anything, it means you're over him.

-- words from a dear friend, Pachuch. spoken a few months back.

she was in fact referring to her ex -- that she could say his name without a trace of bitterness, pain, or anything that makes anyone sad over a past relationship.

at that time, i followed what she said. and so i uttered his name.

and i walked over to Pachuch.

i was crying.

>>>>> fast forward to today <<<<<

i can say his name 10 times and i can smile. :D yes, it's a genuine smile.

i know someone who's also doing this "am-i-over-this-person-test". hey you! you know who you are. :) am glad that this "test" is somewhat useful to you too. hehe. kaso pare, nde sya tongue twister. you have to say your ex's name, and not say the line over and over. haha! miss you! kelan ba balik mo ng manila? ;)

i discovered another "test". it's when you see your ex, or even just his picture..and you find yourself saying "hmmm..nde pla sya ganun ka gwapo".

love is indeed blind. :)


Thursday, May 05, 2005

you cannot escape your past.

but you can make peace with it and move on.

-- quoted from Traci Lords


Tuesday, May 03, 2005

blossoming beginnings in May

the best kind of triumphant feeling is when you've just recovered from a very low moment in your life.

i am currently enjoying that feeling. :)

no other prize could match that.

pure joy.
pure freedom.
pure love.

i am an absolute winner.

...all because of Him. thank you Lord. :)