Sunday, July 31, 2005

touched for the 21st time

tonight i saw the last performance of UP Samaskom's Live Aids: Like a Virgin -- Touched for the 21st Time.

it was hilarious. samaskom people are really talented. i can't believe i missed their 9 preceding editions.

during the curtain call, it reminded me how it felt like to be a performer on stage.
it made me miss my theater days.

to my batchmates in SHS dramatics guild and Repertory Summer of 98, are you guys famous in the theater world now? :)


Saturday, July 30, 2005

ver. 4

you were the most difficult thing i had to go through in my life.


every new decision is another chance to do the right thing.


i love her. she loves me. what is there to figure out?


don't wait around for your life to happen to you. find something that makes you happy. do it.

'cause everything else, it's just background noise.


it wouldn't surprise me if, a month from now, you'd tell me that you want to have a same sex relationship.

at this day and age, nothing shocks me anymore.


the more you know yourself, the less you let things upset you.


nothing in life is worth that getting all uptight about.


Friday, July 29, 2005

seems like i've dropped a bomb when people found out that i considered having a relationship with a girl.

their mouths were left open.
what was so shocking about that?


and don't tell me that it's "sayang", because i really don't get it.


Saturday, July 16, 2005

case of the ex

why do exes pose a threat to a current relationship?

no matter how stable the couple is, once the subject of the ex is mentioned, expect somebody's eyebrows to raise.

this is one of the reasons why it's best to keep your distance from your ex. while i'm becoming open to the idea of remaining friends with an ex, i don't want to be the cause of an argument between him and his gf. she will never, and i mean N-E-V-E-R understand that when the guy and i meet up for coffee, we're really JUST having coffee.

"why do you have to meet up and have coffee with her?"

"because we're friends. that's what friends do."

but she'll never get that. she refuses to.

and i, being the good friend, would disappear.

so i understand if a guy chooses his gf over a friend. but i feel sorry for him. he might just lose lots of friends.

i wish you friend.

one day, i'll see you in australia. and hopefully she WILL understand everything.

kiss your kids for me aight? :)


Saturday, July 09, 2005


my soul is wandering.

i am taking my time; slowly trying to discover the meaning of this. and while my soul seems to be lost, it refuses to be found.

at least, not now.


Wednesday, July 06, 2005

my silver screen

there is something major happening to everyone around me. things are unfolding before my eyes. and everything is just not good news.

heartaches. divorces. pains. accidents.
and even death.

if i am indirectly affected, what more for these people who actually experience them?

i hope there was something more i could do than hold their hands or pray for them. these tragedies are overwhelming. it's surreal. you begin to think that you're just watching a movie.

all you can really do is watch. and wish for an ending that is favorable.