Tuesday, December 20, 2005

it's Jarjar's Day! =)

thank you Lord for another wonderful year.

(will blog more later...)

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

as i was stepping out of the car last night, a thought suddenly occurred to me...

it would be nice to come home to a place with you in it.

'twas a nice thought...i felt really good about it. :)

Sunday, December 04, 2005

|| December is here ||

...and it's my favorite month.

my birth month...i'm one of those atypical people who have 2 birthdays. if you don't know my birthday story, that means were not that close :P

holiday month... just like last year, i am looking forward to the holidays. i no longer experience that dreaded feeling approaching christmas. yey!

pensive month... don't we all become contemplative during this time of the year? we start having those moments -- pondering about this year's past.


no, i will not be throwing a party on my birthday. and PLEASE don't ask what's wrong -- because nothing is wrong. i just don't feel like throwing a party this year. what i really want to do is go on a solitary journey. i just want to leave the city for a while. it's almost absolutely impossible to take a long vacation from work at this time, so i'd have to postpone my travel plans indefinitely.

thing is, whenever someone learns that i want to travel, that person usually asks if he could come along. waaaah! solitary journey nga eh!!!


i miss

...getting a 13th month bonus. *sigh*
...organizing (or simply participating in) kris kringles.


my EDL 261 professor finally showed up in class 2 weeks ago. and because she's 2 meetings behind (that's 6 hours wasted!), she scheduled our oral reports immediately. mine was last week. so there. i'm done with my report. one requirement down, about 6 more to go! (and that's only for this subject) come january, we'll be doing in service training in public schools. and we're not just going to teach, we'll be supervising. lupet!:D

our professor is really taking the word "supervision" in our course title seriously! hehe. but she's nice and really approachable. i think her only flaw is that she's not exactly good with names...and faces? she has mistaken me twice for another student who is a flight attendant. *shakes head*


what i'm loving now...

music of:

:: death cab for cutie
:: imogen heap (you hafta listen to "hide and seek"! it's one of the most hypnotic
songs i've ever heard!
:: kings of convenience


that's my adorable inaanak Ada in the picture above. manang mana sa mga ninang at mommy nya. starbucks baby! :) Master, bka may sarili din syang starbucks planner? hehe...

seeing her picture made me smile today. yeah, this blog entry is inspired by her.:) feel good blog entry. hihi.

*lotsa kisses to ada* :)