Wednesday, May 26, 2004

rear foot always seems heavier

yes bes, one of your lil speeches hit me...yet again.

one cannot completely move on unless he lifts both feet forward. moving on is never easy, and we usually find ourselves leaving the rear foot behind -- wanting to leave but holding back. *sigh*

why do we have to give up on certain things that make us absolutely happy? how do we make sense out of it? =( somehow, there is no point. so we make up for the lack of significance by convincing ourselves that there is a reason behind all this. soon, we've given up comprehending or the issue has long been over (whichever comes first) and yet we still haven't found that reason.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

3 days to go!!! Boracay na!!! woohoo!!!

Nemo is joining us! :) yipee!!!


I realized that after all has been said and done, I really am still a head over heart kinda girl. When I put my mind to it, anything is impossible. Kenzo was right when he told me that I'm too special for that. I deserve better. Why do I need someone to remind me of that?

I had to get out before the damage gets worse.

Oh yeah...and I miss Kenzo. I consider him the sweetest guy friend I know. Sparks have long been gone between us, but he still makes me feel every inch special and loved.


Tuesday, May 11, 2004

i'm losing it...

and i'm not even gonna try to save it. i've been waiting for this moment. miracles do happen.

please don't stand in the way and ask me to stay.

i may not have the chance to experience this moment again. one day, you'll thank me for doing this. i'm sure you will.